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Olab Parts List
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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity
00233B-10-000-N PCLP BULKHEAD 10MM  £9.03 
00236B-10-000-N ELP ELBOW 10MM  £6.71 
00340B-04-000-N STUD R1/8" X 4/2  £2.13 
00340B-05-000-N STUD R1/8" X 5/3  £1.24 
00340B-06-000-N STUD R1/8" X 6/4  £1.10 
00340B-06-001-N STUD R1/4" X 6/4  £1.37 
00340B-06-002-N STUD R3/8" X 6/4  £1.86 
00340B-08-000-N STUD R1/8" X 8/6  £1.30 
00340B-08-001-N STUD R1/4" X 8/6  £1.36 
00340B-08-002-N STUD R3/8" X 8/6  £1.46 
00340B-08-003-N STUD R1/2" X 8/6  £2.41 
00340B-10-000-N STUD R1/8" X 10/8  £1.90 
00340B-10-001-N STUD R1/4" X 10/8  £1.56 
00340B-10-002-N STUD R3/8" X 10/8  £1.96 
00340B-10-003-N STUD R1/2" X 10/8  £2.45 
00340B-12-002-N STUD R3/8" X 12/10  £2.29 
00340B-12-003-N STUD R1/2" X 12/10  £3.49 
00341B-04-000-N STUD G1/8" X 4/2  £1.96 
00341B-04-M05-N STUD M5 X 4/2  £1.58 
00341B-05-000-N STUD G1/8" X 5/3  £1.96 
00341B-05-M05-N STUD M5 X 5/3  £1.01 
00341B-06-000-N STUD G1/8" X 6/4  £1.18 
00341B-06-001-N STUD G1/4" X 6/4  £1.40 
00341B-06-002-N STUD G3/8" X 6/4  £2.36 
00341B-06-M05-N STUD M5 X 6/4  £1.11 
00341B-06-M06-N STUD M6 X 6/4  £1.33 
00341B-08-000-N STUD G1/8" X 8/6  £1.27 
00341B-08-001-N STUD G1/4" X 8/6  £1.57 
00341B-08-002-N STUD G3/8" X 8/6  £1.86 
00341B-10-000-N STUD G1/8" X 10/8  £1.86 
00341B-10-001-N STUD G1/4" X 10/8  £2.00 
00341B-10-002-N STUD G3/8" X 10/8  £2.30 
00341B-12-002-N STUD G3/8" X 12/10  £2.73 
00343B-04-000-N STUD FEMALE G1/8" X 4/2  £1.90 
00343B-06-000-N STUD FEMALE G1/8" X 6/4  £1.23 
00343B-06-001-N STUD FEMALE G1/4" X 6/4  £1.58 
00343B-08-000-N STUD FEMALE G1/8" X 8/6  £1.50 
00343B-08-001-N STUD FEMALE G1/4" X 8/6  £1.68 
00343B-08-002-N STUD FEMALE G3/8" X 8/6  £2.83 
00343B-10-000-N STUD FEMALE G1/8" X 10/8  £2.66 
00343B-10-001-N STUD FEMALE G1/4" X 10/8  £2.24 
00343B-10-002-N STUD FEMALE G3/8" X 10/8  £2.87 
00344B-04-000-N STUD MALE COUPLING 4/2  £2.32 
00344B-06-000-N EQUAL STRAIGHT 6/4  £1.81 
00344B-08-000-N STUD MALE COUPLING 8/6  £1.83 
00344B-10-000-N STUD MALE COUPLING 10/8  £2.77 
00344B-12-000-N STUD MALE COUPLING 12/10  £3.82 
00345B-04-000-N BULKHEAD 4/2  £4.23 
00345B-06-000-N BULKHEAD 6/4  £2.69 
00345B-08-000-N BULKHEAD 8/6  £3.59 
00345B-10-000-N BULKHEAD 10/8  £3.55 
00346B-04-000-N ELBOW R1/8" X 4/2  £1.84 
00346B-05-000-N ELBOW R1/8" X 5/3  £1.53 
00346B-06-000-N ELBOW R1/8" X 6/4  £1.34 
00346B-06-001-N ELBOW R1/4" X 6/4  £1.60 
00346B-08-000-N ELBOW R1/8" X 8/6  £1.68 
00346B-08-001-N ELBOW R1/4" X 8/6  £1.65 
00346B-08-002-N ELBOW R3/8" X 8/6  £2.07 
00346B-10-001-N ELBOW R1/4" X 10/8  £2.12 
00346B-10-002-N ELBOW R3/8" X 10/8  £2.14 
00347B-04-000-N ELBOW FEMALE G1/8" X 4/2  £2.15 
00347B-06-000-N ELBOW FEMALE G1/8" X 6/4  £2.01 
00347B-06-001-N ELBOW FEMALE G1/4" X 6/4  £2.48 
00347B-08-000-N ELBOW FEMALE G1/8" X 8/6  £2.07 
00347B-08-001-N ELBOW FEMALE G1/4" X 8/6  £2.56 
00348B-04-000-N ELBOW MALE 4/2  £2.49 
00348B-05-000-N ELBOW MALE 5/3  £2.49 
00348B-06-000-N ELBOW MALE 6/4  £1.85 
00348B-08-000-N ELBOW MALE 8/6  £2.15 
00348B-10-000-N ELBOW MALE 10/8  £2.83 
00349B-06-000-N ELBOW MALE G1/8" X 6/4  £2.56 
00349B-06-001-N ELBOW MALE G1/4" X 6/4  £2.60 
00349B-08-000-N ELBOW MALE G1/8" X 8/6  £2.56 
00349B-08-001-N ELBOW MALE G1/4" X 8/6  £2.82 
00349B-10-001-N ELBOW ELBOW G1/4" X 10/8  £3.62 
00350B-04-000-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 4/2  £2.82 
00350B-05-000-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 5/3  £2.82 
00350B-06-000-N BRACH TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 6/4  £2.10 
00350B-06-001-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 6/4  £2.25 
00350B-08-000-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 8/6  £2.35 
00350B-08-001-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 8/6  £2.42 
00350B-10-001-N BRANCH TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 10/8  £3.20 
00351B-04-000-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 4/2  £2.82 
00351B-05-000-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 5/3  £2.82 
00351B-06-000-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 6/4  £2.10 
00351B-06-001-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 6/4  £2.25 
00351B-08-000-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/8" X 8/6  £2.35 
00351B-08-001-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 8/6  £2.42 
00351B-10-001-N RUN TEE M/M/M R1/4" X 10/8  £3.20 
00353B-04-000-N EQUAL TEE 4/2  £2.99 
00353B-05-000-N EQUAL TEE 5/3  £2.99 
00353B-06-000-N EQUAL TEE 6/4  £2.39 
00353B-08-000-N EQUAL TEE 8/6  £2.99 
00353B-10-000-N EQUAL TEE 10/8  £3.93 
00354B-05-000-N EQUAL CROSS 5/3  £4.36 
00354B-06-000-N EQUAL CROSS 6/4  £3.87 
00354B-08-000-N EQUAL CROSS 8/6  £4.48 
00354B-10-000-N EQUAL CROSS 10/8  £5.25 
00355B-05-000-N BANJO BODY G1/8" X 5/3  £2.32 
00355B-05-M05-N BANJO BODY M5 X 5/3  £1.86 
00355B-06-000-N BANJO BODY G1/8" X 6/4  £2.20 
00355B-06-001-N BANJO BODY G1/4" X 6/4  £2.46 
00355B-06-M05-N BANJO BODY M5 X 6/4  £1.83 
00355B-08-000-N BANJO BODY G1/8" X 8/6  £2.23 
00355B-08-001-N BANJO BODY G1/4" X 8/6  £2.60 
00355B-10-001-N BANJO BODY G1/4" X 10/8  £2.72 
00356B-06-000-N BANJO BODY DBL G1/8" X 6/4  £3.69 
00356B-06-001-N BANJO BODY DBL G1/4" X 6/4  £4.19 
00356B-08-000-N BANJO BODY DBL G1/8" X 8/6  £3.91 
00356B-08-001-N BANJO BODY DBL G1/4" X 8/6  £4.34 
00356B-10-001-N BANJO BODY DBL G1/4" X 10/8  £4.48 
00414B-06-000-N HOSE TAIL R1/8" X 6MM  £0.91 
00414B-06-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 6MM  £1.20 
00414B-07-000-N HOSE TAIL R1/8" X 7MM  £0.87 
00414B-07-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 7MM  £1.13 
00414B-08-000-N HOSE TAIL R1/8" X 8MM  £0.91 
00414B-08-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 8MM  £1.13 
00414B-09-000-N HOSE TAIL R1/8" X 9MM  £0.97 
00414B-09-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 9MM  £1.24 
00414B-09-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 9MM  £1.56 
00414B-09-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 9MM  £2.44 
00414B-10-000-N HOSE TAIL R1/8" X 10MM  £0.91 
00414B-10-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 10MM  £1.31 
00414B-10-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 10MM  £1.67 
00414B-10-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 10MM  £2.47 
00414B-12-001-N HOSE TAIL R1/4" X 12MM  £1.24 
00414B-12-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 12MM  £1.74 
00414B-12-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 12MM  £2.58 
00414B-14-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 14MM  £1.79 
00414B-14-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 14MM  £2.70 
00414B-16-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 16MM  £2.76 
00414B-16-004-N HOSE TAIL R3/4" X 16MM  £5.23 
00414B-17-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 17MM  £2.15 
00414B-17-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 17MM  £2.86 
00414B-18-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 18MM  £2.37 
00414B-18-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 18MM  £3.08 
00414B-18-004-N HOSE TAIL R3/4" X 18MM  £5.41 
00414B-20-002-N HOSE TAIL R3/8" X 20MM  £2.86 
00414B-20-003-N HOSE TAIL R1/2" X 20MM  £2.98 
00414B-20-004-N HOSE TAIL R3/4" X 20MM  £5.09 
00414B-25-004-N HOSE TAIL R3/4" X 25MM  £5.68 
00415B-05-M05-N HOSE TAIL M5 X 5MM  £0.81 
00415B-06-000-N HOSE TAIL G1/8" X 6MM  £1.13 
00415B-06-001-N HOSE TAIL G1/4" X 6MM  £1.62 
00415B-07-000-N HOSE TAIL G1/8" X 7MM  £1.13 
00415B-07-001-N HOSE TAIL G1/4" X 7MM  £1.62 
00415B-08-000-N HOSE TAIL G1/8" X 8MM  £1.20 
00415B-08-001-N HOSE TAIL G1/4" X 8MM  £1.62 
00415B-09-000-N HOSE TAIL G1/8" X 9MM  £1.30 
00415B-09-001-N HOSE TAIL G1/4" X 9MM  £1.62 
00415B-09-002-N HOSE TAIL G3/8" X 9MM  £2.04 
00415B-12-001-N HOSE TAIL G1/4" X 12MM  £1.67 
00415B-12-002-N HOSE TAIL G3/8" X 12MM  £2.15 
00415B-12-003-N HOSE TAIL G1/2" X 12MM  £4.32 
00415B-17-002-N HOSE TAIL G3/8" X 17MM  £2.47 
00415B-17-003-N HOSE TAIL G1/2" X 17MM  £4.64 
00421B-000-G SILENCER 1/8" BSP  £1.54 
00421B-001-G SILENCER 1/4" BSP  £1.95 
00421B-002-G SILENCER 3/8" BSP  £3.58 
00421B-003-G SILENCER 1/2" BSP  £5.00 
00421B-004-G SILENCER 3/4" BSP  £8.60 
00421B-005-G SILENCER 1" BSP  £14.35 
00421B-M05-G SILENCER M5  £1.42 
00422B-001-G SILENCER 1/4" BSP  £1.86 
00422B-005-G SILENCER 1" BSP  £13.04 
00425B-000-G ADJUSTABLE SILENCER 1/8" BSP  £4.65 
00425B-001-G ADJUSTABLE SILENCER 1/4" BSP  £5.00 
00425B-002-G ADUJSTABLE SILENCER 3/8" BSP  £8.61 
00425B-003-G ADJUSTABLE SILENCER 1/2" BSP  £9.14 
00425B-004-G ADJUSTABLE SILENCER 3/4" BSP  £31.98 
00425B-005-G ADJUSTABLE SILENCER 1" BSP  £46.89 
00429B-000-G SILENCER 1/8" BSP  £1.56 
00429B-001-G SILENCER 1/4" BSP  £1.78 
00429B-002-G SILENCER 3/8" BSP  £3.53 
00429B-003-G SILENCER 1/2" BSP  £4.81 
00429B-004-G SILENCER 3/4" BSP  £10.13 
00429B-005-G SILENCER 1" BSP  £17.36 
00430B-000-001-N NIPPLE R1/8" X R1/4"  £0.87 
00430B-000-002-N NIPPLE R1/8" X R3/8"  £1.27 
00430B-001-002-N NIPPLE R1/4" X R3/8"  £1.31 
00430B-001-003-N NIPPLE R1/4" X R1/2"  £2.00 
00430B-002-003-N NIPPLE R3/8" X R1/2"  £2.04 
00430B-003-004-N NIPPLE R1/2" X R3/4"  £4.08 
00441B-000-N EQUAL NIPPLE R1/8"  £0.61 
00441B-001-N EQUAL NIPPLE R1/4"  £0.92 
00441B-002-N EQUAL NIPPLE R3/8"  £1.50 
00441B-003-N EQUAL NIPPLE R1/2"  £2.08 
00441B-004-N EQUAL NIPPLE R3/4"  £4.64 
00442B-000-N EQUAL NIPPLE G1/8"  £0.65 
00442B-001-N EQUAL NIPPLE G1/4"  £0.98 
00442B-002-N EQUAL NIPPLE G3/8"  £1.35 
00442B-003-N EQUAL NIPPLE G1/2"  £2.02 
00443B-000-001-N NIPPLE G1/8" X G1/4"  £0.94 
00443B-000-002-N NIPPLE G1/8" X G3/8"  £1.71 
00443B-001-002-N NIPPLE G1/4" X G3/8"  £1.23 
00443B-001-003-N NIPPLE G1/4" X G1/2"  £2.10 
00443B-002-003-N NIPPLE G3/8" X G1/2"  £2.10 
00444B-000-000-N EXTENSION M/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £0.71 
00444B-000-001-N EXTENSION M/F R1/8" X G1/4"  £1.04 
00444B-000-002-N EXTENSION M/F R1/8" X G3/8"  £2.02 
00444B-001-001-N EXTENSION M/F R1/4" X G1/4"  £1.14 
00444B-001-002-N EXTENSION M/F R1/4" X G3/8"  £2.00 
00444B-001-003-N EXTENSION M/F R1/4" X G1/2"  £2.97 
00444B-002-002-N EXTENSION M/F R3/8" X G3/8"  £2.58 
00444B-002-003-N EXTENSION M/F R3/8" X G1/2"  £3.08 
00444B-003-003-N EXTENSION M/F R1/2" X G1/2"  £3.43 
00444B-003-004-N EXTENSION M/F R1/2" X G3/4"  £3.43 
00444B-003-005-N EXTENSION M/F R1/2" X G1"  £9.23 
00445B-000-000-N EXTENSION M/F G1/8" X G1/8"  £0.83 
00445B-000-001-N EXTENSION M/F G1/8" X G1/4"  £0.98 
00445B-000-002-N EXTENSION M/F G1/8" X G3/8"  £1.78 
00445B-001-001-N EXTENSION M/F G1/4" X G1/4"  £1.10 
00445B-001-002-N EXTENSION M/F G1/4" X G3/8"  £1.76 
00445B-001-003-N EXTENSION M/F G1/4" X G1/2"  £2.76 
00445B-002-002-N EXTENSION M/F G3/8" X G3/8"  £1.95 
00445B-002-003-N EXTENSION M/F G3/8" X G1/2"  £2.85 
00445B-003-003-N EXTENSION M/F G1/2" X G1/2"  £3.03 
00445B-003-004-N EXTENSION M/F G1/2" X G3/4"  £5.56 
00447B-000-000-016-N LONG EXTENSION M/F G1/8" 16MM  £1.58 
00447B-000-000-036-N LONG EXTENSION M/F G1/8" 36MM  £1.58 
00447B-001-001-027-N LONG EXTENSION M/F G1/4" 27MM  £1.58 
00447B-001-001-043-N LONG EXTENSION M/F G1/4" 43MM  £2.11 
00448B-001-000-N BUSH M/F R1/4" X G1/8"  £0.68 
00448B-002-000-N BUSH M/F R3/8" X G1/8"  £1.13 
00448B-002-001-N BUSH M/F R3/8" X G1/4"  £0.83 
00448B-003-000-N BUSH M/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £1.97 
00448B-003-001-N BUSH M/F R1/2" X G1/4"  £1.74 
00448B-003-002-N BUSH M/F R1/2" X G3/8"  £1.68 
00448B-004-003-N BUSH M/F R3/4" X G1/2"  £3.55 
00449B-001-000-N BUSH M/F G1/4" X G1/8"  £0.73 
00449B-002-000-N BUSH M/F G3/8" X G1/8"  £1.12 
00449B-002-001-N BUSH M/F G3/8" X G1/4"  £0.85 
00449B-003-000-N BUSH M/F G1/2" X G1/8"  £1.97 
00449B-003-001-N BUSH M/F G1/2" X G1/4"  £1.71 
00449B-003-002-N BUSH M/F G1/2" X G3/8"  £1.77 
00450B-000-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/8"  £0.79 
00450B-001-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/4"  £1.06 
00450B-002-N ADAPTOR F/F G3/8"  £1.95 
00450B-003-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/2"  £3.25 
00451B-000-001-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/8" X G1/4"  £1.42 
00451B-000-002-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/8" X G3/8"  £2.80 
00451B-000-003-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/8" X G1/2"  £3.27 
00451B-001-002-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/4" X G3/8"  £1.81 
00451B-001-003-N ADAPTOR F/F G1/4" X G1/2"  £2.80 
00451B-002-003-N ADAPTOR F/F G3/8" X G1/2"  £3.13 
00453B-000-N BLANKING CAP G1/8"  £0.66 
00453B-001-N BLANKING CAP G1/4"  £1.02 
00453B-002-N BLANKING CAP G3/8"  £1.94 
00453B-003-N BLANKING CAP G1/2"  £2.97 
00455B-06-000-N HOSE TAIL 6MM X G1/8" FEMALE  £1.14 
00455B-07-000-N HOSE TAIL 7MM X G1/8" FEMALE  £0.87 
00455B-07-001-N HOSE TAIL 7MM X G1/4" FEMALE  £1.20 
00455B-08-000-N HOSE TAIL 8MM X G1/8" FEMALE  £0.90 
00455B-08-001-N HOSE TAIL 8MM X G1/4" FEMALE  £1.14 
00455B-12-002-N HOSE TAIL 12MM X G3/8" FEMALE  £7.67 
00455B-12-003-N HOSE TAIL 12MM X G1/2" FEMALE  £7.67 
00456B-000-N ELBOW F/F G1/8" X G1/8"  £1.67 
00456B-001-N ELBOW F/F G1/4" X G1/4"  £2.26 
00456B-002-N ELBOW F/F G3/8" X G3/8"  £2.79 
00456B-003-N ELBOW F/F G1/2" X G1/2"  £4.32 
00456B-004-N ELBOW F/F G3/4" X G3/4"  £8.64 
00456B-005-N ELBOW F/F G1" X G1"  £13.86 
00457B-000-N EQUAL FEMALE CROSS G1/8"  £4.44 
00457B-001-N EQUAL FEMALE CROSS G1/4"  £6.34 
00457B-002-N EQUAL FEMALE CROSS G3/8"  £8.58 
00457B-003-N EQUAL FEMALE CROSS G1/2"  £18.63 
00458B-000-000-N ELBOW M/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £1.48 
00458B-000-001-N ELBOW M/F R1/8" X G1/4"  £1.88 
00458B-001-000-N ELBOW M/F R1/4" X G1/8"  POA 
00458B-001-001-N ELBOW M/F R1/4" X G1/4"  £1.88 
00458B-002-002-N ELBOW M/F R3/8" X G3/8"  £2.73 
00458B-003-003-N ELBOW M/F R1/2" X G1/2"  £4.33 
00458B-004-004-N ELBOW M/F R3/4" X G3/4"  £7.88 
00458B-005-005-N ELBOW M/F R1" X G1"  £12.95 
00458B-M05-M05-N ELBOW M/F M5  £1.43 
00459B-000-N ELBOW M/M R1/8" X R1/8"  £1.29 
00459B-001-000-N ELBOW M/M R1/8" X R1/4"  £1.63 
00459B-001-N ELBOW M/M R1/4" X R1/4"  £1.64 
00459B-002-N ELBOW M/M R3/8" X R3/8"  £2.57 
00459B-003-N ELBOW M/M R1/2" X R1/2"  £3.96 
00459B-004-N ELBOW M/M R3/4 X R3/4"  £7.30 
00459B-005-N ELBOW M/M R1" X R1"  £11.88 
00460B-06-000-N HOSE TAIL 6MM X G1/8"  £0.70 
00460B-07-000-N HOSE TAIL 7MM X G1/8"  £0.94 
00460B-07-001-N HOSE TAIL 7MM X G1/4"  £1.43 
00460B-08-000-N HOSE TAIL 8MM X G1/8"  £0.81 
00460B-08-001-N HOSE TAIL 8MM X G1/4"  £1.50 
00460B-09-000-N HOSE TAIL 9MM X G1/8"  £0.87 
00460B-09-001-N HOSE TAIL 9MM X G1/4"  £1.21 
00460B-09-002-N HOSE TAIL 9MM X G3/8"  £1.55 
00460B-12-001-N HOSE TAIL 12MM X G1/4"  £1.41 
00460B-12-002-N HOSE TAIL 12MM X G3/8"  £1.95 
00460B-12-003-N HOSE TAIL 12MM X G1/2"  £2.46 
00460B-14-002-N HOSE TAIL 14MM X G3/8"  £2.08 
00460B-17-002-N HOSE TAIL 17MM X G3/8"  £2.25 
00460B-17-003-N HOSE TAIL 17MM X G1/2"  £2.80 
00460B-18-004-N HOSE TAIL 18MM X G3/4"  £5.41 
00460B-20-004-N HOSE TAIL 20MM X G1/4"  £5.62 
00461B-000-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G1/8"  £2.10 
00461B-001-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G1/4"  £3.11 
00461B-002-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G3/8"  £4.14 
00461B-003-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G1/2"  £6.67 
00461B-004-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G3/4"  £12.95 
00461B-005-N EQUAL TEE F/F/F G1"  £32.14 
00462B-000-000-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R1/8" X G1/8  £1.92 
00462B-001-001-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R1/4" X G1/4  £2.94 
00462B-002-002-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R3/8" X G3/8  £4.03 
00462B-003-003-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R1/2" X G1/2  £6.65 
00462B-004-004-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R3/4" X G3/4  £13.41 
00462B-005-005-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F R1" X G1"  £31.44 
00462B-M05-M05-N TEE CTR LEG F/M/F M5  £3.39 
00463B-000-000-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G1/8" X R1/8  £1.92 
00463B-001-001-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G1/4" X R1/4  £2.62 
00463B-002-002-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G3/8" X R3/8  £4.04 
00463B-003-003-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G1/2" X R1/2  £6.65 
00463B-004-004-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G3/4" X R3/4  £11.56 
00463B-05-005-N TEE CTR LEG M/F/M G1" X R1"  £31.01 
00464B-000-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R1/8"  £1.57 
00464B-001-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R1/4"  £2.54 
00464B-002-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R3/8"  £3.69 
00464B-003-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R1/2"  £5.85 
00464B-004-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R3/4"  £10.79 
00464B-005-N EQUAL TEE M/M/M R1"  £31.01 
00465B-000-000-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G1/8" X R1/8"  £2.10 
00465B-001-001-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G1/4" X R1/4"  £2.54 
00465B-002-002-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G3/8" X R3/8"  £3.88 
00465B-003-003-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G1/2" X R1/2"  £6.43 
00465B-004-004-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G3/4" X R3/4"  £11.57 
00465B-005-005-N TEE OFFEST F/M/M G1" X R1"  £31.01 
00466B-000-000-N TEE OFFSET M/F/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £2.10 
00466B-001-001-N TEE OFFEST M/F/F R1/4" X G1/4"  £2.84 
00466B-002-002-N TEE OFFEST M/F/F R3/8" X G3/8"  £4.03 
00466B-003-003-N TEE OFFEST M/F/F R1/2" X G1/2"  £7.17 
00466B-004-004-N TEE OFFEST M/F/F R3/4" X G3/4"  £12.04 
00466B-005-005-N TEE OFFEST M/F/F R1" X G1"  £31.66 
00485B-000-000-N CROSS M/F/F/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £3.13 
00485B-001-001-N CROSS M/F/F/F R1/4" X G1/8"  £4.69 
00485B-002-002-N CROSS M/F/F/F R3/8" X G3/8"  £6.37 
00485B-003-003-N CROSS M/F/F/F R1/2" X G1/2"  £10.17 
00489B-000-N LOCK NUT G1/8"  £0.46 
00489B-001-N LOCK NUT G1/4"  £0.59 
00489B-002-N LOCK NUT G3/8"  £1.02 
00489B-003-N LOCK NUT G1/2"  £1.13 
00489B-004-N LOCK NUT G3/4"  £2.04 
00489B-005-N LOCK NUT G1"  £2.58 
00498B-000-000-N Y PIECE M/F/F R1/8" X G1/8"  £1.94 
00498B-001-001-N Y PIECE M/F/F R1/4" X G1/4"  £2.78 
00498B-002-002-N Y PIECE M/F/F R3/8" X G3/8"  £4.25 
00498B-003-003-N Y PIECE M/F/F R1/2" X G1/2"  £7.67 
00498B-A-000-N Y PIECE F/F/F G1/8"  £2.17 
00498B-A-001-N Y PIECE F/F/F G1/4"  £2.62 
00498B-A-002-N Y PIECE F/F/F G3/8"  £3.99 
00498B-A-003-N Y PIECE F/F/F G1/2"  £7.10 
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