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Copely Parts List
(part numbers beginning with C)
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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQuantity
CR0515/CL/0100/CD/ RPVC 5MM ID 100M COIL  POA 
CT001-001-NY-BK-01 NYLON BLACK 8MM OD 30M COIL  £23.78 
CT001-001-NY-BK-XX NLF 6/8MM BLACK 500M DRUM  £443.25 
CT001-001-NY-BL-01 NYLON BLUE 8MM OD 30M COIL  £24.58 
CT001-001-NY-GR-01 NYLON 8/6 GREEN 30M  £24.58 
CT001-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON 8/6 30M NATURAL  £23.78 
CT001-001-NY-NT-02 NLF 6/8MM NAT 500M DRUM  £443.25 
CT001-001-NY-NT-03 NYLON 8/6 NAT 100M  £75.83 
CT001-001-NY-RD-01 NYLON RED 8MM OD 30M COIL  £24.30 
CT001-001-NY-YE-01 NYLON 8/6 YELLOW 30M  £24.58 
CT001-F301-NY-BL-01 RECOIL 6MM ID R1/4" 2.5M WL  £22.25 
CT001-F301-NY-BL-02 RECOIL 6MM ID R1/4" 5.0M WL  £29.25 
CT001-F301-NY-BL-04 RECOIL 6MM ID R1/4" 10.0M WL  £43.60 
CT001-F301-NY-BL-05 RECOIL 6MM ID R1/4" 15.0M WL  £56.65 
CT002-001-NY-BK-02 NYLON 12/9 BLACK 30M  £49.80 
CT002-001-NY-BL-03 NYLON BLUE 12MM OD 30M COIL  £49.80 
CT002-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON NATURAL 12MM OD 30M COIL  £49.80 
CT002-001-NY-NT-02 NYLON 12/9 NAT 100M  £164.45 
CT002-001-NY-RD-02 NYLON RED 12MM OD 30M COIL  £52.73 
CT002-F303-NY-BL-01 RECOIL 9MM ID R3/8" 2.5M WL  £35.35 
CT002-F303-NY-BL-02 RECOIL 9MM ID R3/8" 5.0M WL  £42.68 
CT002-F303-NY-BL-03 RECOIL 9MM ID R3/8" 10.0M WL  £59.23 
CT003-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 5MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £7.00 
CT004-001-NY-BK-02 NYLON BLACK 6MM OD 30M COIL  £17.20 
CT004-001-NY-BL-02 NYLON BLUE 6MM OD 30M COIL  £17.20 
CT004-001-NY-BL-05 NYLON 6/4 BLUE 100M  £59.23 
CT004-001-NY-GR-01 NYLON 6/4 GREEN 30M  £17.78 
CT004-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON 6/4 30M NATURAL  £17.78 
CT004-001-NY-NT-02 NYLON 6/4 NAT 100M  £57.30 
CT004-001-NY-RD-01 NYLON 6/4 30M RED  £16.90 
CT004-001-NY-YE-01 NYLON 6/4 YELLOW 30M  £17.78 
CT005-002-108-CLCL01 REINFORCED PVC 6.3MM ID  £15.24 
CT005-002-108-CLCL05 RPVC 6MM ID 100M  £50.84 
CT006-002-108-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 8MM ID  £20.12 
CT006-002-108-CLCL04 RPVC 8MM ID 100M  £67.02 
CT006-002-108-CLGR01 RPVC 8MM ID 30M GREEN  £22.14 
CT006-002-108-CLYE01 CR ID:8MM L:30M  £22.14 
CT007-001-NY-BK-01 NYLON BLACK 4MM OD 30M COIL  £9.60 
CT007-001-NY-BL-01 NYLON BLUE 4MM OD 30M COIL  £9.60 
CT007-001-NY-GR-01 NYLON 4/2.5 GREEN 30M  £9.60 
CT007-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON 4/2.5 NAT 100M  £33.25 
CT007-001-NY-NT-02 NYLON NATURAL 4MM OD 30M COIL  £9.60 
CT007-001-NY-RD-01 NYLON RED 4MM OD 30M COIL  £9.60 
CT007-001-NY-YE-01 NYLON 4/2.5 YELLOW 30M  £9.15 
CT008-F305-PU-BL-01 POLY RECOIL 5MM ID R1/4" 2.0M  £9.95 
CT008-F305-PU-BL-02 POLY RECOIL 5MM ID R1/4" 4.0M  £13.55 
CT008-F305-PU-BL-03 POLY RECOIL 5MM ID R1/4" 6.0M  £16.85 
CT013-002-212-CLCL05 REINFORCED PVC 25MM ID  £69.34 
CT013-002-212-CLCL06 RPVC 25MM ID 100M  £231.14 
CT015-002-208-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 12.5MM ID  £23.18 
CT015-002-208-CLCL03 RPVC 12.5MM ID 100M  £78.20 
CT016-002-108-CLCL01 REINFORCED PVC 10MM ID  £23.26 
CT016-002-108-CLCL10 RPVC CR ID:10 L:100M  £77.58 
CT017-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 6MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £8.32 
CT021-005-108-BKBK02 COPLEXEL 6MM ID 30M BLACK  £27.00 
CT021-005-108-BKBL02 COPLEXEL 6MM ID 30M BLUE  £27.00 
CT021-005-108-BKRD02 COPLEXEL 6MM ID 30M RED  £27.00 
CT023-004-PU-BL-01 POLY TUBE BLU 4/2.5 30M  POA 
CT025-007-208-BBYS01 CODEFLEX SUPRENE 10MM ID 30M  £40.62 
CT025-007-208-BBYS02 GPA ID:10MM L:100M  £141.44 
CT028-008-108-BWW-04 AQUAVEND 10MM ID 16OD 30M  £121.63 
CT030-001-NY-BK-01 NYLON BLACK 5MM OD 30M COIL  £14.53 
CT030-001-NY-BL-01 NYLON BLUE 5MM OD 30M COIL  £14.53 
CT030-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON NATURAL 5MM OD 30M COIL  £14.53 
CT030-001-NY-RD-01 NYLON RED 5MM OD 30M COIL  £14.53 
CT030-006-NY-BK-01 NYLON SUPERFLEX 5/3.3 30M BLA  POA 
CT030-006-NY-NA-01 NYLON SUPERFLEX 5/3.3 30M NAT  POA 
CT031-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 25MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £48.28 
CT032-005-108-BKBK04 COPLEXEL 10MM ID 30M BLACK  £34.46 
CT032-005-108-BKBL01 COPLEXEL 10MM ID 30M BLUE  £34.46 
CT032-005-108-BKRD01 COPLEXEL 10MM ID RED 30M  £34.46 
CT033-F311-PU-BL-01 POLY RECOIL 8MM ID R3/8" 2.0M  £15.30 
CT033-F311-PU-BL-02 POLY RECOIL 8MM ID R3/8" 4.0M  £22.05 
CT033-F311-PU-BL-03 POLY RECOIL 8MM ID R3/8" 6.0M  £28.50 
CT034-005-108-BKBK01 COPLEXEL 8MM ID 30M BLACK  £32.42 
CT034-005-108-BKBL01 COPLEXEL 8MM ID 30M BLUE  £32.42 
CT034-005-108-BKRD01 COPLEXEL 8MM ID 30M RED  £32.42 
CT037-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 4MM ID 1MM WALL 30M  £4.72 
CT040-001-NY-BK-01 NLF 8/10MM BLACK 500M DRUM  £585.43 
CT040-001-NY-BK-04 NYLON 10/8 30M BLACK  £31.83 
CT040-001-NY-BL-01 NYLON 10/8 30M BLUE  £32.88 
CT040-001-NY-NT-01 NLF 8/10MM NAT 500M DRUM  £585.43 
CT040-001-NY-NT-02 NYLON 10/8 30M NAT  £32.18 
CT040-001-NY-NT-04 NYLON 10/8 NAT 100M  £103.15 
CT040-001-NY-RD-01 NYLON 10/8 30M RED  £32.88 
CT047-011-212-BKYE01 CODEFLEX SUPRENE 13MM ID 30M  £63.46 
CT047-011-212-BKYE02 CODEFLEX 13MM ID 100M  £214.52 
CT047-027-212-BKYE01 GPA ID:12.5 L:15  POA 
CT048-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 10MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £22.58 
CT051-005-112-BKBK01 COPLEXEL 12MM ID 30M BLACK  £46.54 
CT051-005-112-BKBL01 COPLEXEL 12MM ID 30M BLUE  £46.54 
CT051-005-112-BKRD01 COPLEXEL 12MM ID 30M RED  £46.54 
CT052-007-106-BBYS01 CODEFLEX 8MM ID 30M  £35.96 
CT052-007-106-BBYS02 8MM ID X 100M CODEFLEX  £134.86 
CT053-002-108-CLCL04 PV2K ID:8MM L:100M  POA 
CT053-121-108-CLCL02 RPVC CLEAR 8MM X 12MM 30M  £10.40 
CT064-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 12MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £15.42 
CT066-002-212-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 50MM ID  £196.72 
CT067-027-312-BKYE01 CODEFLEX SUPRENE 19MM ID 30M  £84.60 
CT070-005-208-BKBE01 SUPER AIR 20 ID:10 L:50  £58.23 
CT074-F310-PU-BL-01 POLY RECOIL 6.5MM ID R1/4" 2M  £13.90 
CT074-F310-PU-BL-02 POLY RECOIL 6.5MM ID R1/4" 4M  £16.23 
CT074-F310-PU-BL-03 POLY RECOIL 6.5MM ID R1/4" 6M  £20.58 
CT078-002-108-CLCL04 PV2K ID:6MM L:100M  POA 
CT079-007-106-BBYS05 GPA ID:6MM L:100M  £126.00 
CT079-007-106-BBYS07 CODEFLEX SUPRENE 6.3MM ID 30M  £38.40 
CT083-043-312-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 25MM ID 34MM OD 100M  £536.48 
CT084-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 3MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £5.68 
CT085-121-208-CLCL02 RPVC CLEAR 19MM X 24MM 30M  £32.96 
CT087-034-409-BKBE01 SUPER AIR 20 ID:19 L:50  £146.30 
CT088-002-212-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 16MM ID  £42.92 
CT088-002-212-CLCL04 RPVC 16MM ID 100M  £143.06 
CT088-005-208-BKBE01 SUPER AIR 20 ID:16 L:50  £105.68 
CT094-005-208-BKBE02 SUPER AIR 20 ID:8 L:50  £45.70 
CT095-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 8MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £10.32 
CT099-003-PV-CL-02 CPVC 50MM ID 6MM WALL 30M  £317.86 
CT103-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 12MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £24.96 
CT107-002-212-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 19MM ID  £52.38 
CT107-002-212-CLCL03 RPVC 19MM ID 100M  £174.56 
CT108-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 19MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £36.62 
CT109-017-208-CLMB01 AIRCORD 12MM ID 30M  £55.90 
CT110-043-208-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 10MM ID 17MM OD 100M  £176.20 
CT112-003-PV-CL-04 CPVC 10MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £13.16 
CT113-002-108-CLCL06 PV2K ID: 10MM L: 100M  £48.60 
CT113-121-108-CLCL02 RPVC CLEAR 10MM X 14MM 30M  £14.02 
CT113-121-108-CLCL05 PV2K ID: 10MM L: 100M  £46.66 
CT115-017-108-CLMB01 AIRCORD 10MM ID 30M  £36.60 
CT118-F302-NY-BL-01 RECOIL 8MM ID R1/4" 2.5M WL  £28.28 
CT118-F302-NY-BL-02 RECOIL 8MM ID R1/4" 5.0M WL  £36.08 
CT118-F302-NY-BL-03 RECOIL 8MM ID R1/4" 10.0M WL  £50.95 
CT118-F302-NY-RD-02 NYLON RECOIL ID:8 WL:5 R1/4"  £36.08 
CT119-017-108-CLMB01 AIRCORD 8MM ID 30M  £35.40 
CT123-043-212-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 13MM ID 20MM OD 100M  £218.00 
CT125-001-NY-BK-06 NYLON 16/12 30M BLACK  £87.65 
CT125-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON 16/12 30M NATURAL  £87.65 
CT127-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 6MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £20.34 
CT130-005-208-BKBE01 SUPER AIR 20 ID:12.7 L:50  £82.63 
CT141-021-208-CLCL01 CPR CLEAR TUBE 16 X 23MM 30M  £177.05 
CT142-052-108-BCC RPVC A/S ID:8MM OD:12MM 30M  £109.35 
CT145-005-208-BKBK01 COPLEXEL 19MM ID 30M BLACK  £109.40 
CT145-005-208-BKBL03 COPLEXEL 19MM ID BLUE  £109.40 
CT147-018-PE-NT-01 LDPE TUBE 12/10 30M  POA 
CT155-001-NY-BK-03 NYLON 15/12 30M BLACK  £80.62 
CT165-003-PV-CL-03 CPVC 8MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £19.98 
CT169-043-106-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 8MM ID 15MM OD 100M  £137.48 
CT175-021-108-CLCL02 CPR CLEAR TUBE 12.5 X 18.5 30M  £113.78 
CT177-005-208-BKBL01 COPLEXEL 16MM ID 30M BLUE  £72.00 
CT182-021-108-CLCL01 CPR CLEAR TUBE 6.3 X 12MM 30M  £69.60 
CT188-017-108-CLMB01 AIRCORD 6MM ID 30M  £29.46 
CT197-002-108-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 5MM ID  £26.96 
CT201-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 19MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £27.48 
CT205-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 38MM ID 5MM WALL 30M  £122.52 
CT212-027-312-BKYE01 CODEFLEX 25MM ID 30M  £180.30 
CT218-002-108-CLCL01 REINFORCED PVC 3MM ID  £17.00 
CT231-002-108-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 4MM ID  £20.42 
CT247-002-218-CLCL02 REINFORCED PVC 32MM ID  £112.08 
CT251-003-PV-CL-03 CPVC 32MM ID 5MM WALL 30M  £88.22 
CT269-002-218-CLCL03 REINFORCED PVC 38MM ID  £130.48 
CT285-034-312-BKBE01 SUPER AIR 20 ID:25 L:50  £210.55 
CT286-007-106-BBYS02 CODEFLEX 5MM ID 30M  £35.06 
CT289-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 44MM ID 5MM WALL 30M  £157.52 
CT294-052-106-BCC-01 RPVC A/S ID:12.75MM OD:18 30M  £130.05 
CT301-043-108-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 6MM ID 13MM OD 100M  £130.22 
CT304-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 22MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £50.66 
CT318-052-106-BCC-01 RPVC ESD A/S 6/11 30M  £106.00 
CT320-001-NY-BK-01 NYLON 14/11 BLACK 30M  £68.65 
CT320-001-NY-NT-01 NYLON 14/11 NAT 30M  £68.65 
CT368-021-108-CLCL02 CPR CLEAR TUBE 8 X 14MM 30M  £86.93 
CT370-021-108-CLCL01 CPR CLEAR TUBE 10 X 15.75 30M  £96.93 
CT375-021-208-CLCL01 CPR CLEAR TUBE 19 X 26.25 30M  £221.73 
CT417-003-PV-CL-02 CPVC 16MM ID 3MM WALL 30M  £31.62 
CT428-052-108-BCC-01 RPVC A/S ID:10MM OD:14MM 30M  £90.78 
CT429-057-108-BCGR01 PAINT/FLUID HOSE 10MM ID 30M  £109.08 
CT433-003-PV-CL-01 CPVC 16MM ID 1.5MM WALL 30M  £23.16 
CT449-043-312-BKBK01 OGS HOSE 19MM ID 28MM OD 100M  £466.14 
CT553-PE-NA-01 LDPE TUBE 10/8 30M  POA 
CT601-121-108-CLCL02 RPVC PV2K ID:6 OD:10.5 L:30  £9.34 
CT602-121-208-CLCL02 RPVC CLEAR 16MM X 21MM 30M  £25.20 
CT603-121-212-CLCL01 RPVC CLEAR 25MM X 31MM 30M  £43.60 
CT607-121-108-CLCL02 RPVC CLEAR 12.5MM X 17.5MM 30M  £19.14 
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